Best Flux Core Welders 2023 – Reviews & Guide

by James Anderson | Last Updated on February 17, 2023

    Best Flux Core WelderSince you want to upgrade your handyman skill, in that case, you must have seen a wide range of flux core welder expanding in various price scale with incredible technological innovation. Most of the time, in case of buying flux core welder, people end up buying an overpriced machine, if it is there the first time in the market.

    We research and review the flux core welders to help you find the most suitable arc welder for yourself. We are here, determined to guide you through this giving an insight into top-rated flux core welder because of the services they provide and price range as well.

    Take a look to find out some of the best flux core welders in the market before you buy a newfangled tool with a buyer’s guide to make the best purchase.

    Reviews of the 7 Best Flux Core Welders

    1. Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder – Top Pick

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    Forney Easy Weld 299 is the best option for amateur welders at a low price to make their way into the world of welding. You can learn welding in a lot more comfortable way buying a Forney easy welder 299 as it is little speculation but with everything necessary to get a hold on primary welding concepts.

    Not only for the beginners, even as a professional you can add it to your collection for both small and critical jobs that are hard to reach tight spots as it is very potable.

    Key features:

    • Supports only glassless/flux core welding.
    • Provides 125 amps output with 120-volt input.
    • Welds 24 gauge up to 1/4”.
    • Accepts wire spool 2# and 10# both.
    • Capable of handling .030” wire.
    • It is designed to be a super light welder that you can take it anywhere you want, weighs just 14lbs.
    • The duty cycle for this model is 20 percent at 125 amps.
    • Highly portable.
    • Most suitable for beginners.
    • Comes with spool storage galore.
    • Powerful enough for steel.
    • Only two power settings.
    • Short wire feeder.
    • A short period of warranty.

    2. Goplus MIG130 Flux Core Welder – Best for the Money

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    Goplus MIG130 flux core welder is one of the most portable MIG welders to find in the market at present. It is truly a mobile unit with multipurpose capabilities at an affordable price. When you need a professional finish, you must consider Goplus MIG 130 welder. It works incredibly for home settings as well.

    The best setting for this welder tends to be with the .030 wire on the one setting. It enhances the welding capability, which allows to weld quite consistently without causing downtime due to overheating. This one is really a simple, affordable welder that is an excellent value for the money.

    Key features:

    • Along with flux-cored welding, it also offers MIG welding.
    • Hence, there is no need to spend money on gas cylinders.
    • It protects the weld area from Oxidation by the self-released metal inert gas.
    • It works on a 110v/60Hz voltage with a maximum power output of 105 amps.
    • This welder offers four heat settings, which allows to weld over a range of applications.
    • The ten levels of wire feed speeds increase the options for customization.
    • The wire feed speed can be combined to get a suitable heat setting.
    • Goplus MIG 130 welder’s body is made of stainless steel concerning the durability. It is one of the lightest, weighs just 35lbs.
    • Thermal overload protection is another essential feature.
    • Portability.
    • Durable sheet frame.
    • Long cord.
    • Usable for both hobbyists and professionals
    • The 4 settings offer plenty of scope for customization.
    • No battery powered option.
    • Not very powerful for heavy duty welding.
    • Short warranty period.

    3. Hobart Handler 210 Flux-Cored Wire Welder

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    Professionals predominantly use Hobart handler 210. It is a top market leader built to international standards. As far as usability is concerned, it is among the most reasonable in the market which comes fully stocked and ready to use.

    It is a great machine, even for the ones who lack experience. It has excellent safety and readability features which great concern for the welders and it makes it more appealing.

    Key features:

    • It comes with a dual voltage input 115V and 230V so that it’s easier for the welders to plug in as they have more options.
    • The net weight of the welder is 79lbs with dimensions of 19 ½* 10 5/8* 12 3/8* inches.
    • Capable of welding 24 gauge up to 3/8” in a single pass.
    • Duty cycle 30 per cent at a power of 150 amps.
    • Spool hub assembly that accommodates 4/8” spools.
    • 3-meter power cord.
    • Has a quick change system that requires no tool.
    • Flexible for a variety of welding projects.
    • The Hobert handler 210 comes with an extensive 5/3/1 industrial warranty.
    • Seven voltage settings.
    • Built-in safety features.
    • Adaptability- works on 120V and 220V both.
    • Includes temperature indicator.
    • Has a duty cycle of 60 percent.
    • Heavyweight.
    • Short wires.
    • Inadequate duty cycle.
    • Does not support gas MIG.
    • The wire drive is made of plastic.

    4. Lotos MIG140 Flux-core Welder

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    Lotos MIG140 is relatively easy to use, durable, versatile and reliable. This one works for all kind of welders including amateurs, hobbyists, DIY-er, professionals. Lotos MIG 140 is capable of doing an industrial quality welds at a great price.

    This is the best one for the projects which require precision. There are two digital displayers attached to this welder which assists in adjusting the wire feeder speed and voltage to give you the exact settings to produce strong welds.

    Key features:

    • The welder is sized at 22*10*16 inches approximately.
    • It weighs about 54 pounds which are considered to be lightweight.
    • This can be connected to both 110V and 220V supply.
    • Quick start feature.
    • The welder comes with a 2T or 4T to adjust the wire feeder.
    • The rated output of this welder is 140 amps.
    • Comes with ground cable quick connector.
    • Digital display.
    • Quite portable.
    • Easy setup.
    • Comes with accessories.
    • Cost-effective.
    • The Spool Gun is sold separately.
    • Short warranty period.
    • The gas hose connection is poorly positioned.

    5. LINCOLN ELECTRIC K2185-1 Flux Core Welder

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    Lincoln Electric K2185-1 comes from a company which exists in the market for over 120 years. This company is well-reputed for its good quality product at an affordable price. This welder is essentially for premium quality user experience.

    Those who are looking for a welder which is portable as well as affordable, the Lincon Electric is surely the one you are looking for. It comes fully equipped and quite handy to start working the day you unbox.

    Key features:

    • It weighs around 46lbs.
    • Dimensions at 12 ¾ * 8 ¾*18.
    • Runs at 115V.
    • Has output power ranging from 35 amps to 88 amps.
    • Duty cycle 20 percent at 70amps.
    • Four Voltage setting enables us to work on different thickness.
    • Built-in fan cooling feature that prevents the welder from overheating.
    • Wire feed speed control is adjustable.
    • Built with a sturdy material which makes it durable.
    • Can do both MIG and flux welding.
    • Portable.
    • Ensures user safety.
    • Four voltage settings.
    • The user interface is quite diversified.
    • Can not handle heavy-duty jobs.
    • Does not incorporate gas back-up.

    6. SUNGOLDPOWER 140A Flux Core Welder

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    The Sungoldpower mig 140A has a lot of versatility as a starter welder. It offers both gas MIG and flux core wire welding. It also includes an infinitely adjustable wire feed speed and voltage levels feature.

    Sungoldpower is backed with a one-year warranty. An electrode burns back adjustment has been incorporated, which regulates the amount of stick out for the wire electrode. It is also equipped with a live heat exhaust fan to control internal temperatures. It has made outdoor welding very easy.

    Key Features:

    • Dual voltage 110V/220V.
    • Has DC IGBT inverter.
    • The frame of the welder is relatively compact, which makes it consume less storage.
    • MIG 140A has adjustable wire feed speed and welding current. Hence, it can be adjusted and weld with different thickness.
    • It requires 50-120 amps for welding.
    • Suit for 2lb and 10lb wire spool.
    • Includes fan-cooled and over-heat protection.
    • The working frequency of MIG 140A is beyond the audio range, which eliminates noise pollution.
    • Versatility.
    • Can weld 16 gauge sheet up to 5/16” plate.
    • Spool gun capable.
    • Less noisy.
    • Can work both on 2 and 10-pound wire rolls.
    • The wire speed can be adjusted infinitely.
    • Does not have MIG gas regulator.
    • The nozzles are not big enough for the included wire.

    7. ARKSEN MIG130 Flux Cored Welder

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    The Arksen MIG 130 is one of the most versatile welders. It is used for MIG welding, flux core welding as well as aluminum gas welding. This welder is great for anyone who is looking forward to being a welder because of its power and portability.

    Arksen MIG 130 is an excellent flux core machine for the price. It is extremely easy to set up for gasless flux-cored welding and use and works for thick gauge metal.

    Key features:

    • Comes with four adjustable heating.
    • It has a built-in cooling fan so that it can work longer without heating up uncontrollably.
    • Its functionality eliminates any need for gas.
    • The Arksen MIG 130 has adjustable welding speed that comes with ten levels of wire feeding speeds for your choice.
    • It dimensions at 19 x 11 x 17 inches and weighs around 36.7lbs.
    • It has a duty cycle of 10 percent at 150 amps and 35 percent at 60 amps.
    • Torch features built-in on/off safety control bull.
    • The rated input voltage: 115V/60Hz.
    • Welding current 50-120 amps.
    • Thermal overheat protection.
    • It’s durable.
    • Lots of accessories,
    • Portable machine.
    • Powerful welder.
    • Flexible performance.
    • Bulky accessories.
    • With its modest duty cycle, it is best for light welding tasks.

    Buyer’s Guide: Features to consider before buying a flux core welder

    For what use are you going to buy a flux core welder? Just as a hobby, for home or professional use? First, you have to determine for what use you are buying the welder. If you want to buy the best flux core welder for your home, purchasing an overpriced machine will keep you at risk, your needs won’t be fulfilled. So, identify your needs first, which will narrow down the confusion. Make sure you read the buyer’s guide carefully before making any decision


    Fixing a budget is the first and foremost thing before buying anything. But what you should do in this case is to research a bit and look into the models that catch your eye. Then move onto planning your budget. The welders with more features come at quite of a cost. So, first, determine your needed parts and then look for options, that’s how you can make the best out of it.


    Most of the flux core welders are typically compact; still, you should consider your storage space while choosing a machine. You should check the measurements of the place you will work in, that will correspond with the dimensions of the welder before purchasing.


    It is common for welders to go from one place to another time to time. It is needed to move to the work station. Since carrying a welder is a tiring job, you must consider the weight if portability is a significant concern for you.

    Duty cycle

    Duty cycle refers to the time you can work at a stretch without resting the machine. The more the duty cycle is, the more you can save time. So, a welder with a high duty cycle works efficiently and does not waste your valuable time.


    Warranty of the welder you are buying is another crucial feature you need to consider. Most of the famous brands provide a decent warranty period. If your product is backed up by warranty, your product will last longer, and most importantly, the welder can be repaired or replaced in accordance with the defect. It eliminates the extra maintenance cost you had to bear if you do not have a warranty.

    Output Range

    The efficiency of the welder depends much on the output range. Most of the flux core welders come with an output range between 25 amps and 140 amps. Therefore, whatever material you will be working on, you must look into the output range.


    This point mainly concentrates on the dilemma of whether you should buy from a well-reputed brand or the risk of buying from a toned-down company. The quality of the machine is the primary concern here; the company name does not matter. So, whichever model fulfills all of your requirements go for that regardless of the brand name.

    Plate Density

    The density of the plate determines whether you will able to weld denser material than usual or not. Then again, the higher the amperage, the higher the ability to fuse much thicker materials. Therefore, it is a wise decision to check out the reviews before concluding the plate density.

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

    Q: Why is flux core welding used?

    Flux welding is mainly used to weld dirty, contaminated materials. It is a complex technique since an electrode creates the welding arc. Flux core welding and MIG is welding quite similar.

    Q: What does flux stand for?

    Flux cleans the material from adulterated elements. When dealing with different kinds of materials, it is imperative to keep them clean, such as from Oxidation.

    Q: Is it safe for a beginner to use flux core welder?

    You must be well equipped with all the safety gears while welding specific to the core welder. The flux core welder produces much more aggressive sparks than those from the other welders. You must have an anti-inflammatory vest, gloves, and a UV shield. Then again ensuring ventilation in the room is another essential thing to do.

    Q: Are there any extra tools needed to work with flux core welder?

    The essential welding set includes a power source, wire feeder, welding gun, and cables. Here gas-shielded electrodes are used; this factor affects the type of welding gun you need to use.

    Q: What kind of material can you use with a welder?

    Flux core welders can weld much thicker than MIG. It depends on two factors: the amount of power running through the machine and the gauge of the flux core wire. The flux core welder needs a specialized wire to weld aluminum.

    Bottom Line

    In particular, there are loads of things to look into before buying a flux core welder. Here, after all the discussion we want to announce Forney Easy Weld 299 as the best option. It fulfills the ideal criteria for a welder.

    Forney Easy Weld 299 comes from a well-known brand. As far as innovation and technology are concerned, they are taken care of. Its main attraction is its versatility. Noise resistant technology makes it more appealing and environmentally friendly. Portability is its strong point as well. The inverter technology and overheat protection add higher value to its functionality.

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