Best 220V MIG Welders – 2023 Reviews & Guide

by James Anderson | Last Updated on February 17, 2023

best 220v MIG WelderKnown for its exceptional speed, the metal inert gas welder or MIG welder is popular among veteran welders and professionals. These welders are efficient for fusing any kind of metal. So, you can be as creative as you’d like to be with them.

Although there are many types of MIG welders, it’s hard to find the best 220v MIG Welder for creative tasks. I have researched extensively and have come up with a thorough review of the top products just for you.

I’ve also attached a buying guide along with the reviews to help you further. Read on to check them out, and find your favorite 220v MIG welder.

Reviews of the 7 Best 220V MIG Welders

1. Hobart Handler 210 MVP 220V MIG Welder – Top Overall choice

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The Hobart Handler 210 MVP is both our premium pick and top overall choice. The versatile product offers everything a welder needs for quick and efficient job.

The dual voltage (230-volt and 115-volt) welder comes with a built-in multi-voltage plug; this means you receive more flexibility with this welder compared to others.  It works using gas, but you can also use it gasless by pairing it up with a flux wire.

If you have a spool gun, you can use that as well; just pair it up with aluminum wire. Many people are confused about this particular feature as the welder itself doesn’t come with a spool gun, but you can definitely use one with this welder The versatile machine also features seven different welding functions for the ultimate flexibility in usage. It’s very safe to use; the machines keep wires cold until you pull the trigger, so you don’t get burnt accidentally.

Key Features:

  • The option of gasless use if paired up with a flux wire; this gives users more flexibility.
  • All-fine control of output parameter so that the users is in control of all aspects
  • It offers better arc performance and bead appearance with less splatter; this makes cleaning up much more manageable.
  • Versatile
  • Dual voltage
  • Built-in multi-voltage plug
  • Seven welding functions
  • Keeps wires cold until trigger’s pulled
  • Very short cables
  • Heavy

2. Reboot MIG160 220V MIG Welder – Best for the money

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If you’re looking for an affordable yet fantastically designed welder, you need to look no more, as the Reboot MIG160 might be offering you everything you need in an affordable welder and more.

The machine comes with an IGBT inverter, an advanced technology, and a rare find in regular welders. With 100% at 120A and 60% at 170A of duty cycles, the welder is perfect for DIY home jobs and industrial level welding jobs.

One of the reasons the machine’s so easy to use is that users can comfortably carry it around. The input voltage required for this machine is 220V ±15%, and its output range is 30A to 170A current or 15V to 22.5V. I recommend the welder for home usage as its efficiency is 85%. If you’re concerned about noise pollution, the machine’s switching frequency is above the audio range, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Key Features:

  • IGBT converter for better performance. The insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is a switch for combining fast switching and high efficiency. It’s a semiconductor with three-terminal power, and it works as an electronic switch in welding machines.
  • Easily portable
  • Duty cycles: 100% at 120A and 60% at 170A
  • Frequency is above the audio range, which eliminates noise pollution.
  • Can be used with any metal types
  • 85% efficiency
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with faux cord and solid wire
  • Portable
  • Not ideal for professional welding
  • Doesn’t come with a torch

3. Forney Easy Weld 140 220V MIG Welder

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The Forney Easy Weld 140 is a 3-in-1 welder which exhibits the characteristics of a MIG welder, DC TIG welder, and a stick welder. You’ll receive the needed accessories of all the different machines except that of the DC TIG welder.

The starting process of the welder is simple, which makes striking comfortable easy as well. You can change the process fast using the three-position switch in this machine. One of the unique characteristics of this machine is usage control. I liked how even an amateur would be able to dial a perfect weld using its wire feed speed and infinite voltage controls.

The welder’s rated current range 43A to 110A and output voltage range is 12V to 23V. The full output current range of the welder is 10A to 140A. Its rugged construction and fully metal wire drive assembly are indications that the machine is long-lasting and durable.

Key Features:

  • Rugged built with full metal casing, which ensures durability.
  • Can handle 10 and 2-pound wire rolls. So, you get more flexibility with it.
  • The wire drive assembly is full metal, which also ensures durability.
  • Torch wrap with integrated handle for user convenience.
  • Three welders in 1 machine
  • Comes with accessories needed for two welders
  • Offers control over welding
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used gas or gasless
  • Spatters a lot
  • Doesn’t heat metals quickly

4. LOTOS MIG175 220V MIG Welder

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I would say that the Lotos MIG175 is an excellent alternative to the Hobart welder we mentioned first. This product is very affordable compared to the Hobart Handler 210 MVP, and it works just as beautiful.

The industrial-grade machine is ideal for both professional and personal use. The 220v welder with a maximum power output of 175 amps is powerful enough to work on stainless steel and mild steel.  You can use it for an 18 Gauge welding steel of 1/4″ thickness. The added spool gun allows users to weld Aluminum of 3/8″ thickness with this machine. The welder is fairly versatile; it can operate with both 240V and 220V power outlets.

The aluminum wire feeder is another exciting feature of this welder; it ensures that the welding job is stable. Along with the spool gun, the welder comes with a MIG torch, ground clamp cable, argon regulator, and gas hose.

Key Features:

  • Welding output of 175 A. This feature makes the welder ideal for welding stainless steel, mild steel, and Aluminum.
  • Highly reliable and durable with its transformer technology. Setting up the device takes only around 10 minutes.
  • Spool guns included in the package for aluminum welding; this is very cost-saving.
  • Industrial-grade machine
  • Strong enough for welding stainless steel and mild steel
  • Can weld Aluminum with spool gun
  • Comes with MIG torch
  • Operates on 240V and 220V power outlets
  • Poor warranty repair solution service
  • Breaks easily

5. SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp 220V MIG Welder

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If you want a multi-functional welder, the SUNGOLDPOWER 200A is the one you should check out. Featuring dual voltage of 110V and 220V, the DC IGBT inverter welder also works as MMA, MIG, ARC, and MAG welders. So, you’re buying only one machine, but getting the opportunity to weld in five different ways.

You can use the gas-shielded MIG welding or gas-less flux-cored welding for you work as both are available in this machine. It also features two wires: a solid core wire and a 0.6-1.0mm flux-cored wire. You won’t need any additional adapter for working with the wires; the adapter is enough for both. The model can also weld Aluminum, but there’s no spool gun in the package. If you already have a spool gun, we recommend you to use it as switching between the MIG gun and spool gun takes only a moment with the selector switch.

Ideal for welding with different thicknesses, the machine comes with welding current and adjustable wire feed speed. The heavy-duty machine is more suitable for outdoor usage.

Key Features:

  • Versatile with its gas-shielded MIG and gas-less flux-cored welding options. This feature makes it ideal for professional use.
  • Works on other metals besides steel and Aluminum, which broadens the user’s options.
  • The welding current and adjustable wire feed speed offer more control over your work. You can opt to work on a different level of thickness with these features.
  • Multi-functional
  • Features two wires
  • Works on Aluminum
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Comes with selector switch
  • Spool gun not included
  • A weak wire feed system

6. Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 220V MIG Welder

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If you’re a freelance welder or have your own business, you must need a versatile welding machine. This one allows you to work anywhere as you can plug it into conventional outlets of 120V or 230V, and it’ll work just fine.

Another reason the machine is ideal for welders is that it’s portable. It weighs only 40lbs, which is so light that I could carry it around in just one arm. Setting up the machine doesn’t take much time either; it comes with push-and-turn digital controls, making the process simpler and quicker. A large colored screen displays the set-up process, guiding users step-by-step.

Along with being a great MIG welder, the machine can also work as a TIG welder, and you can try stick welding with it. It’s straightforward, thus I’d recommend it for beginners.

Key Features:

  • The welder’s lightweight and portable design is perfect for beginners who are just learning to use these machines.
  • Smooth, detailed, and displayed set up process is another perfect feature for beginners.
  • Conversion to a TIG and stick welder makes this machine versatile and flexible.
  • Portable
  • Fast setting up system
  • Colored screen displays set-up process
  • Works as a TIG welder
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Expensive
  • MIG welding function gets jammed-up sometimes

7. Weldpro 200 Amp 220V MIG Welder

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Weldpro’s flagship, the 200 Amp inverter, will definitely wow you with all its exciting features. The machine is capable of stick welding, true lift TIG welding, and aluminum welding. Equipped with both Flux core and MIG welding function, the machine is one of the versatile ones you can find in the market.

The welder is compact yet very functional. It’s easily portable, and the compact size is perfect for welders having a smaller workshop. The machine weighs 30.4 pounds, but the sturdy handle attached to its top makes it easier to lift. The machine won’t break even if it falls because of its heavy-duty metal construction.

An exciting synergistic feature this welder offers is the simultaneous adjustment of voltage and wire speed, using just a dial. This feature is perfect for welders who have multiple projects on hand and would love to finish them quickly.

Key Features:

  • Menu button allows users to adjust the voltage by increasing or decreasing 20% of the standard voltage.  It offers an option of making repetitive welds.
  • Inductance settings can be adjusted as well.
  • Attaching a spool gun is simple; just remove torch and attach the gun there. This design saves a lot of time.
  • Voltage adjustment options
  • Adjustable Inductance settings
  • A flagship product
  • Compact design
  • Easily portable
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Poor components

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best 220V MIG welding machine?

If you’re purchasing a 220v MIG welder, you’re a serious welder yourself. I wouldn’t recommend you rely on my 220v MIG Welder reviews only, which is why I have designed the following guide to help you make a well-informed decision.

You need to consider several factors like voltage, versatility, build, and safety features for choosing a MIG welder. Understand what your area of expertise requires first, and then start looking for a welding machine that suits it best. For example, you must opt for a welding machine with a spool gun if you often work with Aluminum.

Current Range

It depends on how thick your material is; the thicker, the more current you need to weld. For example, welding 18-gauge steel in one go requires around 70amps. On the other hand, welding 1/4-inch steel in one go will require 180 amps.

Speed Options

MIG travel speed usually is 6-10 inches per minute or 150-250 mm per minute. You can also control how fast you’re going with the welder.

Maximum Material Thickness

For utilizing a single pass, the rule of thumb for MIG welders is 250 amperes for 1/4 inches and 1 ampere per 0.001 inches of thickness. You can always make as many passes as you need.

Usually, a 220V MIG can weld steel of 1/2-inch thickness.


Look for lightweight MIG welders with handles; they’re typically more portable than the others. Portability is an essential feature for many welders as they always move around the workshop with this machine.

Safety Features

220V MIG welders come with safety features like keeping wires cold, less splatter, and exceptional durability. Welding itself is a dangerous job; I recommend opting for the safest welding machine if you’re a beginner.

Cord Length

Cord length of a welder depends on its duty cycle, amperage, and other factors. You can always get an extension cord if you need more length.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of a typical 220v MIG welder is 60%-100%. You should always opt for a higher duty cycle because that’ll allow you to work longer without harming any components.

Inverter or Transformer

If you want a stable arc, go for inverters. But if you want a higher duty cycle for heavy-duty projects, go for transformers.

Performance Quality

Look for rugged built welding machines with full metal casing. Always look for durability and multi-functionality in welding machines to understand performance and quality.

Cost and Warranty

Warranty of 220V MIG welding machines varies from 1 year to 3 years. These products are a little on the expensive side. Their prices can range from 250 USD to over a thousand USD.

Typically, the costlier machines are better, but you should always check their features.

Process Type

The process of MIG welders is Gas Metal Arc Welding. This process requires shielding gas supplied externally.


A 220V MIG welder will consume around 90-100 amps, which is half of a similar 110V welder’s amperage.

Electrode Diameter

Typically the electrodes in MIG welders are one solid wire with a diameter of 0.023-0.045 inches. I’d recommend using smaller electrodes for small projects as it’ll consume less power.

Precautions for using 220V MIG welder

Maintain proper ventilation

Check what the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) recommends for the materials you’re working on, and use proper ventilation like respiratory protective equipment, local exhaust ventilation, or general ventilation.

Use argon gas in a high percentage with a pulse-spray transfer method for reducing fume hazards. Be careful while working with the following toxic metals:

  • cadmium
  • lead
  • copper
  • beryllium
  • zinc

Turn off power during repair/adjustment

Never touch the electrical parts of the welding machine and always unplug it when you’re repairing it. Don’t touch the electrode while working. Keep the following in mind:

  • The coil can shock you when you’re pulling the trigger
  • Electrode and its metal part shouldn’t be touched

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How thick can I weld using a 220v MIG welder?

Welding capability varies with materials. Typical a 220v MIG will be able to weld 1/2-inch thickness of the steel.

Q: What size breaker a 220v MIG welder requires?

A 30 – 40 amp breaker is required for 220v welders.

Q: How many amps does a 220v MIG welding machine consume?

220v MIG welding machines consume fewer amps compared to 110V ones. These welders will consume about 90amps to100 amps.

Q: Can I run a 220v MIG welder on an 110V welder?

You can, but the conversion will be costly. A 220-volt welder requires 30 amp circuits; this will be converted to 60 amps in the 110-volt welder. The conversion is expensive and will require running a custom circuit connected to one 60 amps breaker.

Bottom Line

After going through the reviews and buying guide, my top overall pick of the best 220V MIG welder is the Hobart Handler 210 MVP. The product sets itself apart by offering unique features like seven welding functions and fine control of output parameters. I also liked the easily portable Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 for its simplicity and the LOTOS MIG175, as it’s the only one featuring a spool gun for aluminum welding.

Considering the safety features, portability, quality, and performance, including other aspects of the buying guide, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP seemed like a clear winner. But that’s just my opinion; I think it’s commendable if you’d want to explore and pick a winner for yourself. Good luck!

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