Best Jackson Welding Helmet Reviews 2023

by James Anderson | Last Updated on February 17, 2023

    a-jackson-welding-helmetSafety is definitely the main priority while working in hazardous jobs. When welding is involved, you will find many ways to hurt yourself. That is why it is crucial to have the ideal equipment, the vital being the helmet. The truth that the head always should have the best safety is undeniable.

    From this point of view, your initial “line-of-defense” against risk in the metal fabrication must be an ideal helmet. But not all the helmets are reliable, so, I provide you with the top Jackson Welding Helmet Reviews so that it is easy to make the best choice.

    Not to mention, Jackson Safety has an extended history in producing state-of-the-art welding helmets. In 1970, a professional team of researchers in Slovenia started working on exactly what was probably the world’s 1st auto-darkening prototype lens. The outcome? Jackson BH3 was the result. From that time, the field of welding got a new way to start broadening with unique technology. Listed below are 7 of the best welding helmets for you.

    7 Best Jackson Welding Helmets Reviews

    1. Jackson Safety BH3 Welding Helmet – Top Pick

    Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Balder Technology-WH70-Color Black/Orange

    Check Price on

    Jackson Safety BH3 Welding Helmet has the top EN379 ratings for its Darkening Auto Filter Lens. This achieved such rating due to its great optical clearness, a variance of the luminous transmittance, expansion of light as well as its angular dependency.

    Rest assured that welder can see what they’re welding during a range of various welding positions. Jackson Safety BH3 Welding Helmet intended for an expert welder that’s supposed to work best for cutting or welding.

    Jackson BH3 is best for welding or cutting and excellent for processes, for example, Plasma Arc, SMAW, TIG, MAG, and MIG cutting. In the list of our Jackson welding helmet reviews, it is the best one you can go for.

    • Good for welding a number of different positions and angles
    • EN379 High ratings for its Darkening Auto Filter Lens
    • Variable shade gives the users a wide multitude of choice
    • Restricted to two sensors only which may affect the ability

    2. Jackson Safety Insight 46129 Welding Helmet – Best for the Money

    Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight HSL-100 Welding Helmet with Digital Variable Auto Darkening FilterCheck Price on

    The Jackson Safety Insight Variable 46129 is the best helmet for shielding the neck, as this has a long part of shell that keeps sparks and spatter from heading down the jacket. It is a top pick Jackson welding helmet in our collection.

    The lens, on the other hand, is wide and top-quality, and this has a comparable shade range. You will find 4 independent sensors which are placed properly to maintain the automatic darkening feature working when there’s a blockage in the process, unlike other 2 or 3 sensor helmets.

    However, in the range of Jackson helmet, based on its high-quality performance and excellent features, it is best for the money. If you need the best vision, I recommend you to go for it.

    • Medium cost
    • Clear, wide lens
    • Comfortable headgear
    • Firm and narrow shell
    • It is heavier compared to other helmets

    3. Jackson Safety 46148 HSL 100 Welding Helmet

    Jackson Safety 46148 HSL 100 Welding Helmet with NexGen 3-in-1 Digital Auto Darkening FilterCheck Price on

    Jackson HSL 100 Safety 46148 Welding Helmet includes all welders’ preferred features, still with all the digital controls. It offers welders the capability to be more accurate in controlling the settings and also is able to empower them with the top ADFs available on the marketplace (with torch, weld and grind modes).

    At the same time, digital controls offer variable shade nine-thirty sensitivity as well as delay adjustments. Also, it has 4 independent sensors, placed to decrease the chance of blockage throughout the weld. Its generous field of viewing has an integrated “mag-lens” holder and the amber lens offers you superior clarity of weld puddle.

    The helmet here comes with 2 replaceable “solar-lithium” batteries and offers an automatic-off feature and alert for low battery. When you have got a task to perform, you can easily trust this.

    • Durable
    • Long-lasting
    • Comfortable to use
    • A little bit costly

    4. Jackson Safety Insight 46101 Welding Helmet

    A Jackson Safety Insight 46101 Welding HelmetCheck Price on

    Jackson Safety Insight 46101 for welding is another helmet from the Jackson safety listed on this post. It’s because the safety offered by the helmets of this company seems unmatchable. Needless to say, the particular Jackson Safety crafts along with higher performance WH40 automatic dark filters. On the other hand, filters are savvy and allow the user to adjust to different working conditions. Additionally, it provides the capability to control shade of lens.

    Moreover, the area of viewing of this particular helmet is broad. I must say this unique helmet is perfect for hobbyists and industrial businesses and is effective for TIG, MIG and other forms of welding. It even supports ADF digital as well as multi-functioning control for just about any welding task.

    This helmet for welding is a superb value with excellent features to support you at work without any difficulty.

    • Offers clear vision
    • Darkening function is efficient
    • This is installed with reliable and simple to use controls
    • This is not very long to cover chin area

    5. Jackson Safety 46131 Welding Helmet

    Jackson Safety 46131 Welding HelmetCheck Price on

    This Jackson Safety 46131 Insight is our popular welding helmet on the list of Jackson Safety collection. It has a superb blend of comfort, clear vision, and a universal shielding range. It is a “medium-range” price among the welding helmets but remarkably sits among top helmets.

    It is easy to wear this particular helmet every day, all day as well as it’s lightweight, comfortable feel means that you will not get an aching neck or need a relax from wearing this. The clearness of the lens is a great advantage. It is significantly superior to most lenses that have a lower optical quality. It is easy to see everything that is happening throughout the entire process of the welding project.

    Many people do not like slim shell it includes, but it keeps down the weight and lets you fit the head easily into firm spaces. However, Jackson Safety 46131 Insight is great to remember that not everybody likes this.

    • Lightweight
    • Medium cost
    • Comfortable headgear
    • The shell material is thin

    6. Jackson Safety Insight Variable 46130 Welding Helmet

    Jackson Safety Insight Variable 46130 Welding HelmetCheck Price on

    With a standard view area, Jackson Safety 46130 is greatly capable of viewing your work spot and the task you are performing. Additionally, the lens changes from the light shade to dark shade immediately to secure essential safety. The welders should think about the range of shade from 9 to 13, as well.

    The color and the pattern are somewhat provocative but eye-catching. The modifications concerning the sensitivity and delay among some others are made quickly. At the same time, controls are completely digital and offer multiple choices for adjustments. This Jackson Safety Insight Variable 46130 model is extremely lightweight and affordable.

    The major con is that lens is slightly darker even if the user is not welding.

    • Digital controls
    • Nylon material
    • Has 4 sensors
    • Has variable shades
    • Weighs only 2 pounds
    • Lens is slightly darker

    7. Jackson Safety Fixed Shade 14975

    Jackson Safety Fixed Shade 14975 Welding HelmetCheck Price on

    Manufactured by the oldest company in the industry of welding, we can eliminate the collection of the top passive helmets in the marketplace with the Jackson Safety HSL100 W10 Fixed Shade 14975 Welding Helmet. This particular helmet is reputed for its durability and reliability.

    This HSL W10 fixed shade helmet is definitely the perfect option for starters, welding fans, and professionals. In comparison to other items, this robust helmet is least expensive and anybody can pay for it.

    Whenever you require a lightweight welding helmet that is comfy enough to use for long durations, gives you superior safety and a big viewing spot, this Jackson Safety HSL100 W10 is a superb bet.

    However, Jackson W10 HSL100 Safety provides a superb viewing spot for welders because of its compatible layout. Free from blockage, this cheap welding helmet is built with around 10 shade “polycarbonate-filter”.

    • Clear view
    • Broad viewing area
    • Prolonged front protection
    • It is a sensitive headgear

    Bottom Line

    Therefore these are the top welding helmets offered by the Jackson Safety which allow you to do the welding job perfectly and also get a great hang of the things if you’re a beginner.  This is suggested to spend some time before buying the best Jackson Welding Helmet. Try to find reviews of the top welding hoods and even more welders who’ve utilized these helmets as well as choose the best one.

    The winner of this round-up review is Jackson BH3 Safety Welding Helmet. It has all the best features that will give you optimum performance without any doubt. However, you can make your own choice. Despite the fact that it’s your first buy or you’re not trying to find an expensive choice to start with, still, the helmet should be built with the best features.

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