Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews 2023

by James Anderson | Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Whether you like it or not, the Lincoln welding helmet has become one protective helmet for safer welding. Though, the welding helmet history of Lincoln with the 17th-century old school headgear but the making of real helmets didn’t commence until 1939. The helmet is constantly undergoing series of remaking and improvements at the Lincoln Electric manufacturing plant. Today, the lightweight and compact helmets provide a convenient external shade control while you are welding.

There are several welding helmet models out there and it can be hard to find the best products that suit your needs. Read our Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews and buying guides below to make a purchasing decision you will be confident in.

7 Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews

1. Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet – Top Pick

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You may want to consider this Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 as a top pick product for several reasons. We found the 5 to 13 lens shade very useful because it helps me vary the shade based on the intensity of the welding work. Another cool feature to check out is the viewing area that measures 3.74” x 3.34”. It comes in black color with nylon materials that seem to contribute to its lightweight.

With a solar power source, you don’t need to worry about powering this Lincoln helmet. There is no electromagnetic sensor, it has 4 arc sensors to sense arc light and adjust the lens accordingly. The switching speed is 1/25,000 seconds, which is ideal for those who want to handle several welding jobs at a time. The battery cells are the batteries and they can last the whole day on a single charge.

It comes also with optical clarity, plus a headgear ratchet. There is a wider Widescreen view, and ADF control knobs to set helmet correctly for more efficiency. These are some other cool features that will be very useful for your welding jobs. It is worth mentioning that Lincoln 3350 is mostly made of plastic, hence the need for proper storage and care.

  • Easy to place and remove from head.
  • The arc sensors help in adjusting the lens automatically for easier use.
  • Lightweight
  • Great optical clarity
  • Built-in solar panel charger
  • Three-year warranty
  • You will have to change the ADF control knobs from time to time.
  • Made of plastic, hence it requires some care in handling.

2. Lincoln Electric K3175-3 Welding Helmet

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This Lincoln electric K3175-3 comes in a fascinating color of blue, red and white. The package comes with a helmet bag and a bandana which is making the storage a lot easier for me. The lens comes with several cool features; the most notable is the 4C, TM Technology which makes optical clarity and widescreen view very useful for all welding works.

Solar panels work as batteries here and this is kind of convenient to maintain. The usage of the control knobs are very easy, likewise the viewing area of 3.74” x 3.34” is large enough to see your welding job all at once. The lightweight helmet comprises nylon and polycarbonate materials plus some solid plastics that seem to be comfortable on the head.

You will also find the electro-magnetic sensor very useful in different situations. Similarly, the switching speed of 1/25,000 seconds will make you handle your job at the speed of lightning. We love the American flag graphics design on this helmet because it motivates us to handle our welding work with the utmost professionalism.

  • Very fast in adjusting lens based on light intensity.
  • More affordable than many of its rivals.
  • The storage bag makes it more convenient to use.
  • High on the pricey side.

3. Lincoln Electric K4134-1 Welding Helmet

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If you are a beginner-welder, we must say that this Lincoln Electric K4134-1 will be an ideal choice because of its simple operational design.

This ratchet and plastic helmet will comfortably sit on your head and face without hassles. This helmet weighs less than 2 lbs. Its thickness measures a little below 11 inches, hence it is a lightweight device for anyone. This Lincoln Welding Helmet has a lens shade of 9 to 13 which is not as wide as some of its main competitors but still good enough for all jobs.

The plate height and width measure 4 ½ and 5 ¼” respectively, and we think this viewing area handles your welding works efficiently. There is a grind mode feature that is very useful with this device. Similarly, there are 2 very useful sensors on this helmet in addition to the electromagnetic sensor, and several ADF controls which include auto-darkening filters.

One of the most amazing features of the Lincoln K4134-1 helmet is that it can be powered by AAA batteries and an in-built solar cell battery. Once fully charged, it is able to use the helmet for more than 2,800 hours which is very great for consistent welding works. The extra front cover lens is very helpful. In summary, this is one sure Lincoln Welding Helmet that will provide great value for money.

  • Beginner-user friendly
  • Wider viewing space
  • Supports longer hours of welding at a time.
  • Looks more fragile than many of its competitors.

4. Lincoln Electric Viking 2450 Welding Helmet

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At a weight of about 1.2 lbs. This Viking 2450 auto-darkening welding helmet (check out our top 10 auto-darkening welding helmet reviews here) is quite light too than many other helmets within its range. The lens shade measures 5-13, while the viewing area measures 3.84” x 2.44” which is slightly smaller than similar helmets. Made from nylon and polycarbonate materials which explain why it is still a lightweight helmet, convenient for long hours of usage.

There are 4 arc sensors on this helmet but we are lightly concerned that there is no electromagnetic sensor but it comes with all other sensors you will need and that is a great advantage. The power source as expected is solar energy and you will need to buy 2 Lithium batteries to power the device- In some cases, you may have to buy the batteries separately.

One great feature you will like on this Lincoln Viking 2450 helmet is the 4C™ technology which offers great optical clarity with an efficient widescreen view. The ADF control knobs are quite easy to access and they offer greater control for different welding challenges or purposes. In summary, this is a highly recommendable Lincoln Welding Helmet for its sturdy frame and widescreen view

  • Excellent optical clarity alongside great view screen.
  • Great sturdy frame
  • No electromagnetic sensors.

5. Lincoln Electric VIKING 3250D Welding Helmet – Premium Choice

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The 4C lens technology feature of this Lincoln helmet reduces the risks of eye strain while improving visibility. The 1/1/1/1 optical clarity dimension will also eliminate distortion and blurriness without sacrificing shade consistency. This is one helmet we particularly prefer for its improved angle performance during welding.

The auto-darkening display here measures 12.5 square inch which is large enough to broaden the field of view. Lincoln Electric Viking 3250D also gives you enhanced operational control. With the shade 5 side-windows on this helmet, your peripheral vision will increase even when you close the helmet. We do appreciate the anti-fog coating because it helps maintain consistency in viewing. One feature you may not like about this helmet is the 1.6 lbs. weight, though it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge as it remains a lightweight device.

It comes with solar-powered batteries that can provide up to 3200 hours of welding job support when fully recharged. The control knobs and sensors will also provide great support for different situations.

  • You can do much more with 3200 hours of battery life.
  • Great view even when helmet is closed.
  • Sight expensive than its main rivals.

6. Lincoln Electric Mojo Graphic Welding Helmet

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This option of Lincoln welding helmet comes with a helmet bag that makes storage a lot easier. There are 4 ADF arc knobs for easy control under different circumstances. It is powered by solar cell batteries that can be recharged in a few hours.

It has a large viewing area that measures 3.74” x 3.34” with a shade of 5 to 13. This feature works with the 4C lens technology for improved optical clarity. The helmet design material comprises nylon and polycarbonate and that explains its relative lightness. This is one of the few helmets on this list that comes with an electromagnetic sensor. One cool thing about this model is the switching speed of 1/25,000 seconds that makes the helmet super-fast.

Unlike some of its main rivals, you need just 1 lithium-ion battery to power the helmet. The helmet bag is the inner fur that prevents scratches on the helmet. You will appreciate the fact that this helmet supports double-head movement or movement in the left and right positions.

  • Easily stored.
  • Automatic controls for switching lens for clarity.
  • Only 1 lithium-ion battery is included.

7. Lincoln Electric K3282-2 Viking Welding Helmet – Best for the Money

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This is one of the most stylish Lincoln Welding Helmet you will find around. You have access to the auto On/Off feature for extra convenience because there is no need to remember to switch the device on or off. The variable 9-13 shade is fortified with sensitivity and delays control features that adjust to the demand of your welding job.

Lincoln Electric K3282-2 Viking is powered by replaceable AAA batteries with solar charging capability. There is an auto-darkening filter that works with 4 different optical categories.

There are 2 inside cover lenses alongside 5 external cover lenses to protect the lenses on the screen of the helmet.

  • More convenience with the auto turning on and off mode.
  • The variable shades make welding more convenient under different conditions.
  • Lens last longer due to multiple coverage.
  • Coverage width is not as big as some of the helmets on the list.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the clear winner from this roundup is the Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350. It has a wider viewing angle than K3175-3 and Viking 2450. It is also lighter than most of the Lincoln helmets reviewed, and those include VIKING 3250D and VIKING 3350. It is one of the few options here with an electromagnetic sensor which is a very helpful feature for welding.

Lincoln Electric K4134-1 has also fulfilled most of the consumer needs in the welding helmet category as it is simpler to use, more affordable and comes with a wider viewing angle. It is also lighter than most of its competitors on the list.

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