Best Battery Spot Welder Reviews 2023 – Buying Guide

by James Anderson | Last Updated on February 17, 2023

    Battery-Spot-WelderSpot welders are built to unite two metal sheets together. Since battery spot welder produces solid weld and leaves a smooth finish on the surface, it has a huge fan base. The process of spot welding is effortless and quick with just plugging them into the electric source.

    Battery spot welders can come in handy at different situation as it allows to weld diversified metals. With so many rivals in the market, you might get lost to choose the one that works best in your hands while providing shiny texture. This article will help you select the best battery spot welder and settle for what you have desired.

    Reviews of the 6 Best Battery Spot Welder

    1. SUNKKO Pulse Battery Spot Welder 788H – Top Pick

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    Do you dream of a welder that’s full of seamless features? If yes, check out the SUNKKO 788H pulse spot welder that is an all-in-one pulse spot welder available in an affordable range. It is constructed of countless modern features to let you weld comfortably on every piece you wish to.

    SUNKKO 788H has won the heart of thousands and is rated as the best battery spot welder to assemble battery packs. Not just this spot welder works on assembling, it also allows you to charge the packs. Want more goodness? The unit also lets you test the resistance of battery packs while measuring the voltage on a digital display. To weld precisely and long-term not so tiring, this battery spot welder comes with a fixed welding head and pedal. It also helps save on a lot of bucks as the package includes almost all necessary accessories.

    Key Features:

    • Welders looking for a multifunctional welder, don’t resist putting your hand on the SUNKKO Pulse Spot Welder 788H. You can efficiently weld steel strips within few moments.
    • The unit is not restricted to serve one purpose only. You can weld, test, and charge using the fast-charging port at the meantime calculating voltage flow.
    • The unit especially applies to battery welding and nickel strips of 0.05- and 0.2-mm thickness.
    • The tool is really quick in welding a stack of 14500 and 18650 battery packs. Overheating is always looked after by a standard cooling system.
    • Multifunctional
    • Infinite features
    • Ten current setting
    • Precise weld
    • Quick setup
    • Not too powerful
    • No USB port.

    2. Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder – Best value


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    If you are in search of a budget-friendly welder that caters to your need without breaking the bank, we introduce you to Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder. It is an excellent welder that suits different hardware, stainless steel, battery packs of various sizes. What we mostly prefer is the uniquely designed LCD panel, that showcases in-time current and pulse rates to let you complete the job fluently.

    This spot welder features a foot pedal to ensure that the welds are precise following accurate temperature levels. It is an ideal tool for welders looking for repairing and installing stainless steel hardware, automotive, or maybe fixing your mobile cameras. The unit applies to 0.05-0.2 mm nickel strips best. It also has an efficient cooling technology that prevents overheating issues.

    Key Features:

    • The battery spot welder assists in assembling small battery packs using the push-up feature. Another significant characteristic that adds additional value to the welder, is the intelligent radiator. When processing thicker nickel and alloy strips, the radiator helps improve the welding performance.
    • The item works on 110V power outlets and weighs 12.08 pounds. It has a compact body size and a convenient handle to travel with it in distant places.
    • More significantly, this is a high-quality battery spot welder that caters to various usages for welders who have budget constraints.
    • Affordable
    • Wide application
    • Compact and portable
    • No overheating
    • Clear, rapid display
    • Low power
    • Not applicable to thick steel pieces.

    3. Stark Professional Spot Welder Machine

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    For DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists, a model that’s worth putting on every recommendation list is the Stark Professional Spot Welder Machine. If you are a person who loves playing with welding machines for different projects this battery spot welder is for you. Its simple application makes welding flawless and a whole lot faster. It incorporates a single-phase design to quickly put in your workpiece and press the lever on a specific area.

    What makes it a perfect DIY tool is the 50% duty cycle that allows quick application on numerous welding materials. Giving a smooth and robust-finish on the surface isn’t troublesome anymore with this 16amp spot welder. Surprisingly, if you run out of welding tips, the package provides an extra pair of tips when required all of a sudden.

    Key Features:

    • A premium quality welding tool that is highly concentrated on smooth, reliable performance. It can easily weld together a range of materials with a single-phase design.
    • The welding tips and other components of this incredible unit is constructed of high-quality steel materials. You can go for thicker pieces if required.
    • Stark spot welder ensures effortless transport with an integrated handle. Whether you are welding uncoated mild steel, stainless sheet metal, or galvanized steel it works comfortably.
    • Simple function
    • Smooth operation
    • Robust built
    • Replacement tip
    • Slight heavy
    • No electric plug.

    4. SUNKKO 737G+ Battery Spot Welder

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    If you are wondering to build your very own battery pack, SUNKKO 737G+ provides you with a fixed foot pedal and welding head. This incredible battery spot welder offers greater efficiency by incorporating hands and feet simultaneously. Users love the automatic built-in sensor and cooling system that checks on the internal temperature constantly.

    SUNKKO 737G+ is battery-powered and claims to be an ideal unit for battery welding, mostly 18650 and 14500. The modern panel design has some brilliant welding functions to ensure better battery pack welding. It comes with a welding pen to use along the foot pedal control while possessing better control on the weld. If you feel the foot pedal is not needed, you can just use the welding pen with a little pressure to weld your required workpieces.

    Key Features:

    • The device weighs only 15.32 pounds that is easy to carry, store, and use. The thickness range of this welder is 0.12 to 0.25mm meant for nickel strip, 0.03 to 0.3 mm for copper, and 0.15 to 0.35mm nickel-plated steel.
    • The foremost reason it is said to be a quality soldering unit; it can heat up to 300°C within 7 to 8 seconds only.
    • Building your battery packs and working on miscellaneous tasks is bang on with this welder when dialed with perfect settings.
    • The unit is super-fast and energy-efficient. Works well on plastic, steel, copper, and iron sheets.
    • Highly-efficient
    • Reliable
    • Automatic pen mode
    • Built-in sensor.
    • Not suited to aluminum
    • Maximum consistency 0.15 mm

    5. Mophorn 788H-USB Pulse Spot Welder


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    Do you have to weld in a low brightness environment every other day? Mophorn 788H cares for employees with low vision and welders who have to work in darkness. The double LED high-brightness of this unit lets you keep track of the welding process at a glance.

    What every welder admires about this battery spot welder is the three-digit USB output port to charge and test three treasures at the same instant. It is a well-built general-purpose spot welder that has a wide application. It is designed for battery welding, protection board, button battery, hardware, and mobile phone cameras. Besides, it has a welding pressure regulator to continuously adjust 300g-750g of different thicknesses.

    Key Features:

    • The package includes all accessories to get started on battery packs. You might be amazed seeing the 1Kg nickel-plated steel strip in the tool kit too.
    • If you are working on a thick-cell battery nickel sheet, Morphon 788H gives you the flexibility to set the pulse using a quick knob.
    • You can continue working at night with the LED Lighting Function. The maximum welding thickness of this unit is 0.25mm on a welding current of 800A.
    • Multiple USB port
    • Portable
    • Numerous usage
    • Better Control
    • Not enough power

    6. Mophorn 709A Pulse Spot Welder

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    Don’t get enough time to complete your projects? If you are always late to finish your tasks, the Mophorn 709A is here to help you with any small projects. Not only this unit is efficient, it’s a budget-friendly machine that suits various applications.

    Working at night isn’t an issue anymore with its LED light function that ensures 100% smooth, precise work. Mophorn 709A comes with a hand-held welding pen for a more balanced operation. Precise welding is just a step away with this welder using the foot pedal. The compact size and the attached handle lets you carry to your job sites.

    Key Features:

    • The welder comes with essentials like a welding pen, foot pedal, fuse, one-kilogram steel strip coated with nickel, and welding pins.
    • To complete small projects with precision, this welder works like a breeze. 0.05- and 0.3-mm thickness of nickel-plated steel and pure nickel strip of 0.05- and 0.25-mm thickness can be welded smoothly with this battery spot welder.
    • For accurate spot welding, Mophorn 709A Pulse is an ideal one. It has 1.9 KW power that applies to various applications.
    • LED lights
    • Portable
    • Convenient
    • Small body
    • Lightweight

    Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider when Purchasing a battery spot welder

    A buying guide is significant when you want to purchase something important and desire to look into the features closely. Spot welding requires you to purchase a welding machine that applies to the thicknesses of workpieces you are probably going to use. You will need to buy a machine that produces the proper amount of current and pressure to spot a weld satisfactorily. So, to let you familiarize yourself with the specifications, here is a quick buyer’s guide to ease your purchase.

    Quality Check

    Battery spot welders come in various quality which you can find in the welding machines specification portion. Is the spot welder durable? Will it be able to produce a smooth weld? A battery spot welder that has a duty cycle of 50% or more is proven to deliver quality welds. Also, the welder that applies to various workpieces is definitely good.

    Machine Type

    Some welding tool comes with a cable while others don’t. The cable ones will let you stay on the table for a longer period whereas the other ones are portable. If it’s heavy, you might be in trouble. Often stationary machines are heavier and need prior experience to use. However, they possess greater power to weld thicker metal pieces than the lighter ones. Portable machines, on the other hand, allows you to move wherever you want. They come in handy when working on small projects at home or farm.

    Metals Used

    One amazing advantage of a battery spot welder is, it applies to a wide variety of metals. When working with nickel, stainless steel, titanium, and wire mesh, spot welder works splendidly. Another important thing to consider is the thickness of the metal you would work with. The rule of thumb is to work with a 3:1 ratio of thickness level. For instance, if you are joining two separate pieces of sheet and one is 3 mm, the second one should 1mm thick. Unfortunately, aluminum, galvanized steel, zinc, etc. that do not conduct electricity are difficult to weld with a battery spot welder. Make sure to consider the metal used when spot welding.


    You might wonder why you would choose a battery spot welder over any other kind? One obvious reason is the effortless smooth joint it creates. Luckily, battery spot welders are also lightweight and designed compact. This allows you to relaxedly carry the welder to your job sites and store it in minimum space. Portability is one significant factor to consider when purchasing a battery spot welder to enjoy better benefits.

    Duty cycle

    No matter what welding machine you are purchasing, you shouldn’t overlook the duty cycle. The duty cycle gives you a measurement of how long the welder will continuously work before resting. If the machine is rated 60% at 100 amps, it implies that the machine will operate 6 minutes out of the ten-minutes working period and the rest 4 minutes to restart the process. A higher duty cycle indicates greater efficiency.


    Battery spot welders come in many different price ranges. If the qualities seem worthy, you can opt for higher range ones. Even there are available spot welder machines that won’t break your bank yet let you experience smooth performance. The decision is up to you whether to spend more or less.

    Additional Features

    Many battery spot welders come with additional features that others do not have in particular. For instance; few battery spot welders come with an extra pair of welding tips or maybe the spot current rate is pretty high. While many have an advanced cooling system to prevent overheating and others don’t. Consider additional features to ease your spot-welding journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What is a battery spot welder?

    A battery spot welder is a welding unit to joins two metal sheets together. To be more specific, a spot welder allows working with two different thicknesses or kinds. It doesn’t create a visible weld line and that’s what turns surfaces into smooth and precise ones. The goal of a battery spot welder is to link metal pieces to the contact points of a battery.

    Q: How does a battery spot welder work?

    Spot welder is used for joining two metal pieces of different thicknesses. It utilizes the electric current to provide heat and current to the welding spot. Electrodes are then used to transport the welding heat on the metal alloy. The workpieces eventually melt and start to join.

    Q: How to use a battery spot welder?

    Using a battery spot welder can be a bit troublesome for novice welders. However, the practice can make anyone perfect. You need to know the voltage and current ratings to make the necessary adjustments. A batter spot welder includes a welding pen and foot pedal to weld on the desired place.

    Q: What is the best spot welder?

    Based on our battery spot welder reviews, SUNKKO Pulse Spot Welder 788H is the best battery spot welder. It has plenty of modern features to weld accurately. As it is a multifunctional welder that can weld, charge, and test; operators rated it as their most favorite one.

    Q: How strong is spot welding?

    The strength of spot welding will depend on a few factors. For instance, the temperature and force applied to determine how strong the weld might turn out. Clean metal pieces and electrodes can also be a critical aspect.

    Bottom Line

    By this time, you probably gathered out-and-out information about battery spot welders. But you still seem to be confused. No worries, we can help you by announcing our favorites. According to our research, we prefer SUNKKO 788H pulse spot welder most. The welder is overloaded with features and makes a cleaner, quicker weld.

    If you have a tight budget, consider Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder. Don’t judge the unit by its price as it has almost all the features compared to the expensive ones. For quick welding, we recommend purchasing Mophorn 709A. However, if you mostly work at night go for the Mophorn 788H-Spot Welder to enjoy better-LED brightnesses. The other reviewed welders also have the best features in them to work effortlessly.

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