Best Welder for Sheet Metal Reviews 2023 – Buying Guide

by James Anderson | Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Sheet metal welding might sound disastrous to few welders while on the flip side there are people who love working on sheet metals. Whichever group you fall into, with a flawless sheet metal welder it’s super thrilling to do the job. It’s all about mastering the art with the right equipment.

That is why this article is all about helping you purchase the best welder for sheet metal. With thousands of options prevailing online and in shops, you might be influenced to make a bad decision. Our buying guide will assist you in choosing from 7 of the astonishing welders to work on sheet metals. We hope you find the right one!

7 Best Welders for Sheet Metal 2021 – Reviews


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Do you have to weld diverse sheet metals every day? Since you have a variety of sheets regularly, the PRIMEWELD welder is one of the comfiest and most convenient machines to work regularly. What we find advantageous is the quick conversion from AC to DC output and vice versa. The power and control of this unit are amazing compared to other similar welders in this price category. The welds created with this machine have a smooth consistency along with a satisfying penetration. That is why we have chosen this as the best welder for sheet metal.

Though it’s a TIG welder, anyone with minimum knowledge can start better off with this welder by investigating for a few minutes. It also features a high amperage range which is pretty good enough to weld sheet metals.

Key Features:

  • The best feature of the machine is that it supports a range of sheet metals. It comes at an affordable price which is a bonus.
  • Beginners can purchase this unit without any concern as it’s extremely easy to operate. The packaging includes a CK17 flex head torch, dense connector, foot pedals, and flex tube.
  • It’s a versatile little welder that weighs 90 pounds. The machine suits to 3/8 inches mild steel at an amperage rate of 225.
  • HF starts
  • Reliable
  • Quality accessories
  • Highly-efficient
  • Poorly designed foot pedal.

2. Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

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A long-lasting, reliable, and sturdy welding machine is all that you need to weld your sheet metals. The next home welder that is one of our favorites is the Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder. Not just it demonstrates impressive performance, the exterior is on another level too. The solid thicker steel on the outside gives it a premium look. What adds more to the unit is the 5 uniquely positioned voltage controls to weld with utmost consistency and smoothness.

Though sheet metals are mostly compatible with TIG welding, the Hobart MIG welder is in no way inferior. The soulful performance and countless settings would work for sheet metal welding. According to our research, Hobart is the best MIG welder for welding sheet metal at an affordable range.

Key Features:

  • The unit is capable of reaching low amperages which means you can work at a higher duty cycle. Despite having a high amperage setting, it works perfectly for MIG welding on sheet metals.
  • It’s simple to use for beginners and hobbyists. We recommend this welder for home, garage, and farm projects.
  • This machine offers a wider voltage selection, a cast metal feeder, and a heavier ground clamp.
  • Impressive performance
  • Attention to detail
  • Solid built
  • Numerous Controls
  • Low amps
  • Wrong welding chart.

3. AHP Alpha Tig/Stick Welder

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For welders wishing for a strong welder for sheet metal welding, the 2018 AHP Alpha is unbeatable with its versatile and multi-functional performance. This magnificent welder is suitable for stick welding along with AC/DC TIG welding. Not just this welder ensures ever-lasting performance, it also convinces the welder with its professional performance within a reasonable price.
The most noteworthy characteristic of AHP Alpha is the attractive performance on both AC and DC outputs. Based on reviews, this is one of the best TIG welders for quality TIG welding on sheet metal including steel or stainless steel and aluminum sheets.

Key Features:

  • The welder has an advanced inverter technology installed to weld with precision on thinner gauge materials. AHP Alpha welding machine appeals to 6011, 6013, 6014, and 7018 rods and welds steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, cast iron flawlessly.
  • This is a standard TIG welder with the functionalities of Stick welding as well. The high-frequency start makes it super easy to get started for novice welders. It has a range of controls for quick adjustments and figures out the type of welding and amperage settings itself.
  • The machine is built of stainless steel and weighs only 69 pounds. Though it’s small in size, the possibilities are infinite.
  • Portable
  • Quick setup
  • Easy to use
  • Good arc length.
  • Poorly designed foot pedal
  • Inaccurate flow meter.

4. Weldpro Inverter Multi-Process Welder

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Do you have your own fabrication shop or you need to travel with your welder frequently? If either of your answers is yes, Weldpro multi-process welder might be your loyal companion. Weldpro Inverter Multi-Process Welder is an exclusive welder that comes with all the features of a versatile welder. It is designed to accomplish different tasks including car modification, hardware, factory support, and equipment maintenance.

The welder is structured with built-in internal parameters that can be applied to sheet metals. Though it restricts a few controls, there are a lot more flexibilities on your plate. The unit possesses higher power in a light and compact design. You can equally MIG, TIG, and stick weld mild or stainless steel and aluminum.

Key Features:

  • It’s a user-friendly unit that has digital displays to readout the amperage, volt, and wire speed.
  • Also, another great feature is you can use it anywhere for its dual power input using either 110V or 230V. The rated duty cycle of Weldpro is 30% at a maximum of 200amps.
  • This welder deserves to get your attention because of the versatility it comes at an affordable price. It comes with everything to weld any metals away.
  • Multifunctional
  • Beautiful welds
  • Quality accessories
  • High-quality performance
  • Reliable
  • Might get dirty
  • Fewer adjustment selection.

5. Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Welding

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Every ambitious welder looks for welding machines that can amaze them with stronger and sturdier welds. If you are one of them, Goplus MIG 130 Welder is one of our favorites. This is a wonderful welder to work on thin steel sheets. The machine utilizes gasless flux-core welding that’s easy to adopt for novice and entry-level welders.

What we will absolutely love about the welder is the attractive stainless-steel body. This prevents the unit from rusting and at your service for many years to come. The welder features 4 unique current flow settings to adjust accordingly. To add more, it has 10 different levels of wire feed settings for a smooth, aesthetic finish.

Key Features:

  • Goplus is a perfect welder for home projects, small garages, and workshops. It’s a versatile little unit that applies to lot many applications. It welds amazing on sheet metals for those on cars.
  • The wire feed speed range and heat settings are a bonus to the machine which results in accurate welds when everything is set right.
  • The welder has a maximum amperage of 105 Amps. It works better on thinner metals so; we suggest giving a second thought if you’re planning on thicker ones.
  • It comes with a storage box to keep the welder and included accessories safe. Also, the machine cares for your protection by an overheat protective circuit.
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy carrying handle
  • Multi-functional control panel
  • Great value
  • No clear instructions
  • Not suitable for larger projects.

6. Everlast Power MTS

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Next on our list is a fourth-generation, advanced welder; 2019 Everlast Power MTS. Multi-skilled welders who need a versatile welder to apply diverse welding techniques on their workpieces, we believe Everlast isn’t going to disappoint you.

Besides being multifunctional, the welder features a high-frequency start, better adjustability, and controls. It applies to aluminum, steel, and stainless steel materials. It has everything to get started right after getting it out of the box. The rated duty cycle of 2019 Everlast is 40% at 250amps.

Key Features:

  • The welder isn’t noisy at all. It can operate on MIG, TIG, and Stick welding processes.
  • The unit is designed in a way to experience comfortability when welding. The operations are simple and easy to understand for anyone who hasn’t welded before.
  • The navigations are right in front of the control panel to weld swiftly. It’s a dual voltage welder with high-quality equipment included.
  • Easy to learn
  • Versatile
  • Quality accessories
  • More adjustability
  • Great arc
  • Too heavy; not portable
  • Suited to professionals

7. LOTOS TIG 200

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Not meant for heavy projects, LOTOS TIG 200 is a professional grade welder that embraces sheet metal projects with its industrial quality features. It’s a versatile machine that offers quick features to perform a wide range of tasks.

The high-frequency start, comfortable foot pedals, and a detached TIG control switch enable welding aluminum sheet metal with accuracy. This unit delivers a stable arc at the same time ensures it has a neat finish. The welder is designed for both professional and hobbyists which ensure industrial performance without any extra effort to figure out the next best step.

Key Features:

  • The machine incorporates advanced square wave inverter technology to weld aluminum and other relevant sheet metals.
  • An exciting characteristic about this welder is, it supports automatic dual voltage. It is capable of welding fine aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.
  • This awesome little welder comes with a foot pedal, torch, work clamp, power adapter, and a user manual. Play this welder on your art pieces with stable output, big power, and less spatter.
  • Beginners choice
  • Quick start
  • Affordable
  • Industrial quality.
  • Fewer adjustments
  • Poorly designed foot pedal
  • Inconvenient finger switch.

Buyers Guide: Things You Should Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Welder for Sheet Metal

Now that you have read the reviews of some top-rated sheet metal welders available, we assume you are all puzzled. With this in mind, we have prepared a quick buying guide for you to evaluate all your potential options. Your needs are driven by the tasks you regularly perform. Hence, it’s you who knows best about the specification required to achieve outstanding results.

Your Job is Important

Don’t jump into a welder because it’s simply the best or recommended by your close friend. If you are a professional, hobbyist, or home-user it is important to know what kind of sheet metals will you be welding.

TIG welding is best-suited to sheet metals as it shapes the workpieces smooth and shiny. While MIG welder machines are useful for basic home projects where uneven surfaces aren’t anything of concern. MIG welders are generally good to go for beginners while the TIG process needs a bit of practice. Meanwhile, some multi-functional welders are versatile enough to MIG and TIG weld on desired projects.

Don’t Overlook Size and Weight

Another significant characteristic that gets the spotlight is the size and weight of welding machines. Size and weight ensure the welder is easy to move around.

If your job includes traveling to different places, it is advantageous to purchase a lightweight machine to weld sheet metals. For household tasks, bigger and heavier welding machines won’t be an issue. However, both heavy and light-weight units perform equally.

Check Out the Duty Cycle

A duty cycle is the amount of time that you can work in a given amount of time. An example for the Hobart is if it has a 20% duty cycle then you could weld 2 minutes out of 10 minutes. Usually, the fewer amps you weld at, the higher the duty cycle.

Welders who regularly weld thicker materials should go for a longer duty cycle as the welder needs to work non-stop for more time compared to thinner ones. Usually, higher duty cycle welders cost more than those that have shorter cycles.

Assess the Amperage Settings

Some welders come with infinite amperage settings that improve the performance and end-results of sheet metals. Again, some welders have limited controls on amperage. Multiple amperage settings are capable of welding various types of sheet metals with accuracy and professionalism. So, make sure to assess the amperage settings when purchasing a welder for sheet metals.

Count your Money

Look To narrow down the sheet metal welder selection process, the budget comes into action. You would go for a welder that offers exclusive value within the price. Years before welders came expensive and weren’t everyone’s personal toy. Many low-priced machines are now outperforming the high-priced ones.

However, comparing only price wouldn’t bring you additional benefits in any way. You can analyze the specifications, brand popularity, and goodwill when comparing cheaper and expensive models.

Professional welders should lookout for a well-reputed welder while for household and DIY projects cheap yet quality sheet metal welder is pretty satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What do you mean by sheet metal welding?

Sheet metals are flat and thin pieces that are made by a specialized industrial process. Sheet metals are commonly used in automobile industries, construction, and architectural projects. They are flexible enough to be molded in any desired shape. Sheet metal welding is a bit different than the other ones.

Q: Which sort of welder should I buy to weld sheet metal?

Sheet metals can be welded using a MIG or TIG welder. It is said that TIG welder works well off on thinner metal while MIG is efficient with thicker work-pieces. Again, TIG ensures beautiful, neat welds leaving a polished surface without burn-through and excessive heat flow.

Q: Which welding process should I prefer when welding sheet metals?

Sheet metals are compatible with MIG and TIG welding. Both the methods deliver satisfying results. Since sheet metals are mostly less dense, TIG is the best welding process when working on thinner sheet metals. Unprofessional, passionate works can be done through a MIG welder.

Q: Are flux-core welding suitable sheet metals?

It is not recommended to flux-core on thinner sheet metals that are below 20 gauge. You can use the welding process for denser metals.

Q: How to prevent warping when welding thin sheet metals?

You can prevent warping by placing and balancing welds closer to the neutral axis. It is suggested to work quicker and limit the number of passes to prevent warping.

Bottom Line

Finally, we have reached the end of the article. Haven’t you made your decision yet? No worries, if you are struggling to choose one from our 7 best welders for sheet metal we are always at your service. According to our research, PRIMEWELD TIG225X seizes the crown of the top overall pick. The welder is versatile enough to weld different types of sheet metals. We loved the performance of the welder and the consistency of the weld left us jaw-dropped. 2018 AHP Alpha Tig/Stick Welder is our second favorite that has better controls and adjustability. Hobart 500559 Handler and Goplus MIG 130 are two awesome MIG welders for sheet metal jobs in household emergencies, DIY, and hobby usage.

Last of all, use our buying guide as a checklist for buying a sheet metal welder. We guarantee your purchased welder will be much more informed and worth all the bucks. Happy Welding!


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